Saturday, September 27, 2008

tyrell's inovated rip off

I am an avid stereoscopic (3d) enthusiest & almost two years ago I came upon a basic 3d lens attachment for sale on ebay. The item cost over $100.00 , but it looked interesting, so I "bought it now" thru ebay. Being an honest person, I foolishly expect the same from others. This being said, I didn't see the required payment metheod as a red flag. For those of you who do not use ebay, the standard & safe way to pay is thru pay pal. The reason for this is , if you do not recv. the item you pay for, the refund your cash. So I foolishly sent a money order to Mathew Orman,
the seller. I never recv'd the lens, & when I contacted the seller, he informed me that my lens was stuck in the polish post office due to a clerical error. He claimed he would re-do the paper work & see that the item was released for shipment. Weeks passsed, & the bullshit got deeper with each email until his last response which claimed he had shipped my item, & that was that.
No more emails or reponses. I contacted ebay of course & reported the whole ordeal. Since he did not use paypal. they had no leverage over him, & were basically useless. Fast foward two years to summer 2008. I spot another 3d lens (not the same one, that would have reminded me of the previous scam), this was for sale on ebay by someone called "artdecolover". This time, the payment metheod was thru google check-out. I never used this before, but still being all too trusting, I ASSUMED google had the same safety net that paypal has. I was wrong. Once again I was ripped off by this dead-beat. This time it was about $50.00 this con man got me for. Google check sends you a payment confirmation, which also has a link to check status by routing your request to the seller. I was a bit suprised & extremely pissed when my order status request reply came from Mathew Orman of "Tyrell innovations". I was even more pissed when his excuse was "your item is stuck in the polish post office due to a postal strike"!!!. Same rip-off artist, same bullshit excuse. I went back to ebay & filed a non-recvd item complaint. I was also not alone this time. About a half dozen others also complained of paying & not recv'ing their oredrs. This time Ebay dumped the bum, but not before he ripped many off, including me.
I was also very dissapointed with Google check out, it seems when a seller sets up an account for you to pay thru google, the account is temporary. After several weeks, I kept trying to report the rip off to google, however I kept getting a "OOPS" message that said something to the effect that due to the nature of my account, that service wasnt available. I write this because this criminal still has a web site at and is still "selling".
I warn all to not send this fool any money, & do not allow him to set up a google checkout account for you. Do not send him money orders. Order C.O.D. only & you'll never have to pay-because you will never recv the item!. Bottom line is old, but still all too true...BUYER BE WARE!.